It is great to have you visit us. We are excited to have you onboard and hope the research posted here and our Terry Carter's website will help with any emotional issues like stress, depression, self-esteem issues, as well as pain, chronic illness, and the mental/mindset barriers we face. 

World Wellness Today improves the lives of more than one million people. We have already served clients in six countries and 26 states with coaching, consulting and the king of therapies, Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Terry Carter is certified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), a business coach, and a Hypnotherapist (CHYP). He lives and works in West Houston near Katy/Brookshire. Terry earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Psychology from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogches, Texas. He  has been married for more than 30 years now and has three grown children. He and his spouse are now proud grandparents. He has spent 28 years as business owner and currently owns the following:

UDPhotos.com — 20-year photography company specializing in portraits, sports, live events

WorldWellnessToday.com — Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy, Hypnosis are the powerful tools to life clients beyond their challenges, speed bumps to a point of freedom and transformation.

3225791.Kyani.com — The natural nutrition site is used to benefit clients suffering from nutritional deficiencies, which are extremely common with the lack of healthy food in the average diet. 

RTT is powerful, quick convenient and permanent for those who are open to change and committed to the process of listening to a custom-made audio recording for 21 days. 

When you are ready to take charge of your career, your relationship and your future successes, email us here at UDTherapy@gmail.com for a complimentary talk


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